Jazz roster breakdown

The Utah Jazz season gets underway on Saturday, as the team takes on Perth, and basketball club from Australia. Instead of making any major additions, or truly, even minor additions, the Jazz decided to run this season back with a roster similar to last season. However, that doesn’t mean the Jazz won’t be able to change their performance, or their expectations ahead of the 2019 season.

As I do weekly at, I wrote an article breaking down each player for the Jazz, including what the storyline is for them entering the season, and one or two things to watch for that player through out the year.

“Donovan Mitchell was the league’s surprise rookie, finishing second in Rookie of the Year rankings, despite being drafted late in the lottery. He was the only rookie last season to average 20 points per game, and is now poised for an All-Star run in just his second season in the league.

Jae Crowder will be the Jazz’s sixth man, after averaging starters minutes despite being acquired at the trade deadline for Rodney Hood. Crowder is inconsistent as a shooter, but could see his numbers improve now that he has a better grasp of the Jazz offense.

He’s not a star on either side of the ball, but is better than adequate wherever you line him up. As a result, he’s valuable for the Jazz and their desire to switch positions regularly on offense and defense.”

To read the rest of the article, breaking down the top 15 players on the roster, click the link below!

Previewing the Utah Jazz Roster

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