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Utah Football By the Numbers Bye Week Edition

Boy that escalated quickly, I mean that really got out of hand fast“-Ron Burgundy

I could think of no better quote from a broadcast media icon to properly sum up what I saw Saturday night in Eugene. People continue to ask me about the game and my broadcast, and the only word I can come up with is surreal. It wasn’t that Utah won the game because I expected that they would. It was the way Utah won the game. Beating Oregon by the biggest losing margin in 30 years and scoring more points than they’ve ever surrendered at Autzen Stadium.

Utah quarterback (1) Kendal Thompson hands the ball off to runningback (23) DevontaeBooker. (Photo Rob Gray)

Utah quarterback (1) Kendal Thompson hands the ball off to runningback (23) DevontaeBooker. (Photo Rob Gray)

The win has certainly put Utah on the National Radar screen and have them in the early discussion for a potential Final Four berth in December. Much of that chatter may be very premature, after all we’ve only played one month of college football and the “real” season starts now with Conference play. But for now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the spotlight, just so long as you “stay classy” Utes fans.

No game this weekend for Kyle Whittingham’s team, they’ll take the week to rest and heal up and prepare for the “Bear Raid” Offense of Sonny Dykes and Cal on October 10th. Cal is good again, especially offensively. The Bears are ranked 24th and play Wazzu this weekend, so they should head to SLC ranked for Homecoming.

Here are some key numbers  for the Utes and where they rank in the Pac 12 after 4 Weeks

Scoring Offense 38.8 (5 – up 2)
Scoring Defense 18.8 (5 – down 1)
Total Offense 393.5 (10 – up 1)
Total Defense 373.2 (7 – down 1)
Rush Offense 204.0 (5 – up 3)
Rush Defense 134.8 (3 – down 1)
Pass Offense 189.5 (10 – up 1)
Pass Defense 238.5 (9 – up 2)
Kickoff Returns 29.6 (1)
Punt Returns 21.8 (2 – up 2)
Interceptions 7 (3 – down 1)
Punting (net) 43.9 (1 – up 1)
Sacks by 8 (4T – up 6)
Sacks Against 1 (1 – up 1)
First Downs (ave/game) 22.0 (8T – up 1)
Opponents First Downs (ave/game) 19.2 (8 – down 2)
3rd Conversions 47.5 % (2 – down 1)
Opponents 3rd conversions 42.4% (8 – up 3)
TOP 34:18 (2)
Turnover margin +7 (1)
Red Zone offense 94.1% (1 – up 1)
Red Zone defense 76.9% (4T – up 2)


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